Sunday, April 27, 2014

How Tom Hiddleston saved my life PART I

This is extremely hard for me to admit. So, if you're one of the few that actually read this, feel very lucky.

It all started last year about in September. I have this horrible flaw, where I let myself get attached to and care about someone that will never care about me the same way. I had a panic attack as I walked out of work. quite honestly, one of the scariest things I have ever experienced. I couldn't breathe. Am I being dramatic enough?

 This February, something horrible happened between someone who I thought was my best friend, and a guy that I've basically been in love with since I met him about 3 years ago. The thing is, I'm so terrified of rejection that I've never told him my true feelings. Boy do I regret that now. I constantly have a battle going on in my head of "maybe if you'd said something to him... maybe if you had never trusted said 'friend' with your feelings about him... maybe, maybe, maybe." Maybe doesn't solve anything when said horrible thing has already happened, but do you think I realized that as I was crying myself to sleep every night? Absolutely not.

I told myself every night that my world was collapsing around me  and there was nothing I could do about it.

Now, as I was yelling at myself that I needed to be happy, and thinking it would never happen... Maybe I was meant to always be sad, to always be disappointed in humanity, I stumbled upon this video of Tom Hiddleston, which I had seen before but never really payed attention to:

Do yourself a favor and watch it at least once, and then, watch it again and really listen to what that wonderful man has to say.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Top TV Shows of 2013

I was inspired by the recent article in Entertainment Weekly, in which they attempted to list the best 10 shows of 2013, to make my own list. They had some good shows on their list, but left a lot of good ones out! Hope you enjoy! And if you think I left anything out, feel free to comment! I am welcome to suggestions.

Nightmares anyone?

1. Hannibal, NBC (this wasn't even on EW's list! shame on them!)
What a fantastically clever show! Blood, cannibal jokes, terrifying ideas. Mads Mikkelsen stars as Dr. Lecter.

Hannibal the dapper cannibal.
And when I say he stars, he steals the show. The story starts off long before Dr. Lecter was caught, so we actually get to see him as a practicing cannibal, and he does not like rude people. ;) Hugh Dancy and many other talented actors round out the shows cast. Check it out if you haven't already, you won't be disappointed.

Zombies are scary again...

2. The Walking Dead, AMC (now in it's 4th season)
Surprise! This first half of this season was beyond fantastic. Character development, you're doing it right AMC! Daryl's hair got longer, Carol called him "pookie", we may have seen a softer side of him, and then he shut down emotionally, again. Do you blame him?

That face.

Who was feeding the zombies through the fence and causing them to pile up? Did Carol REALLY kill those people and burn their bodies? They brought The Governor back,

Calm down dude...

made you almost like him, then destroyed that thought 2 episodes later. The Governor is a villain I have loved to hate since season 3 when we first met him. David Morrissey, you will be missed. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL HERSHEL!!!? With the prison no longer an option, what will happen? The group is separated. We have to wait until February for the next half of the season, and I have high hopes it will be just as good as the first!

Serial killers aren't supposed to be attractive BBC...
3. The Fall, BBC 2
Leave it to the BBC to create a series that's only 5 episodes long and pulls you in like a full length series. My friends and I watched the whole season in one night. Relative newcomer Jamie Dornan plays a serial killer. He is obsessed with powerful women. Really, just watch the show, it's on Netflix. :) I would go in to more detail but it might ruin the suspense.

Again, a damn fine looking vampire.

4. Dracula, NBC
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula? Yes. please. I am in love with the atmosphere of this show. Quite a different take on the legend of Dracula. I've seen 4 episodes, and I really need to catch up. The show is full of clever dialogue and the tension between Dracula and his "mistress" is unbelievable.

"Be assured, Madame, that I have no intentions of harming you. I just want what is rightfully mine-- and not you, nor Mr. Bellinger, or anyone else, is going deny me that right. Do I make myself clear, my sweet?"

To be continued...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

15 Hottest Actors In Their 30s


#1: Benedict Cumberbatch (age 37)
From: UK
Known For: Sherlock(TV series 2010-2014), Star Trek: Into Darkness(2013)
Beyond Fantastic In: Parade's End(2013), War Horse(2011), The Other Boleyn Girl(2008), Amazing Grace(2006), Inseperable(2007 short, link above)
Can't Wait For: The Fifth Estate(2013), 12 Years A Slave(2013)

#2: Tom Hiddleston (age 32)
From UK
Known For: Thor(2011), War Horse(2011), The Avengers(2012)
Beyond Fantastic In: The Deep Blue Sea(2011), Wallander(TV series 2008-2010)
Can't Wait For: Only Lovers Left Alive(2014), Thor: The Dark World(2013)

#3: Chris Pine (age 33)
From: USA
Known For: Star Trek(2009), Star Trek: Into Darkness(2013),
Also Fantastic In: Unstoppable(2010), This Means War(2012)

#4: Lee Pace (age 34)
From: USA
Known For: The Fall(2006),
Also Fantastic In: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey(2012), Pushing Daisies(TV series 2007-2009)

#5: Andrew Scott (age 36)
From: Ireland
Known For: Sherlock(TV series 2010-2014)
Also Fantastic In: Saving Private Ryan(2008)

#6: Michael Fassbender (age 36)
From: Germany, Ireland
Known For: X-Men First Class(2011), Inglourious Basterds(2009)
Also Fantastic In: 300(2006), Prometheus(2012), Shame(2011), Hunger(2008)

#7: Jake Gyllenhaal (age 33)
From: USA
Known For: Zodiac(2007), Brokeback Mountain(2005), Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time(2010)
Beyond Fantastic In: Prisoners(2013, QUITE possibly the most intense and upsetting movie I have ever seen!), The Day After Tomorrow(2004)

#8: Jonathan Rhys Meyers (age 36)
From: Ireland
Known For: August Rush(2007), MI3(2006)
Also Fantastic In: The Tudors(TV series 2007-2010), Bend It Like Beckham(2002)

#9: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (age 32)
From: USA
Known For: Inception(2010), The Dark Knight Rises(2012)
Also Fantastic In: Looper(2012), Angels In The Outfield(1998)

#10: James McAvoy (age 34)
From: Scotland
Known For: X-Men First Class(2011), Wanted(2008)
Also Fantastic In: Trance(2013), Atonement(2006), The Conspirator(2010)

#11: Alexander Skarsgard (age 37)
From: Sweden
Known For: True Blood(TV series 2008-2014)
Also Fantastic In: Melancholia(2011), Straw Dogs(2011)

#12: Bradley Cooper (age 38)
From: USA
Known For: The Hangover(2009), Silver Linings Playbook(2012)
Also Fantastic In: Limitless(2011), The Place Beyond The Pines(2012), The A-Team(2010)

#13: Tom Riley (age 32)
From: UK
Known For: Davinci's Demons(TV series 2013)

#14: Charlie Hunnam (age 33)
From: UK
Known For: Sons Of Anarchy(TV series 2008-2013)
Also Fantastic In: Nicholas Nickleby(2002), Pacific Rim(2013)

#15: Jensen Ackles (age 35)
From: USA
Known For: Supernatural(TV series 2005-2013)
Also Fantastic In: My Bloody Valentine(2009), Smallville(TV series 2004-2005)

10 Hottest Actors In Their 40s

#1. Mads Mikkelsen (age 47)
From: Denmark
Known For: Playing the villain 'Le' Chiffre' in Casino Royale(2006)
Also Fantastic in: Hannibal(TV series 2013), King Arthur(2006) After The Wedding(2006)

#2. Jeremy Renner (age 42)
From: Modesto, California, USA
Known For: The Hurt Locker(2008), The Avengers(2012)
Also Fantastic in: Dahmer(2002- first movie I ever saw him in, I now own 18 of his films), The Town(2010), The Unusuals(2009 TV series)

#3. Norman Reedus (age 44)
From: USA
Known For: The Boondock Saints(1999), The Walking Dead(2010-)
Also Fantastic in: Dark Harbor(1998), Pandorum(2009)

#4: Robert Downey Jr. (age 48)
From: USA
Known For: Iron Man(2008), Sherlock Holmes(2009), The Avengers(2012)
Also Fantastic in: The Soloist(2009), Zodiac(2007)

#5: David Tennant (age 42)
From: Scotland
Known For: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire(2005), Doctor Who(2005-2013)
Also Fantastic in: Fright Night(2011), Broadchurch(2013 TV series)

#6: Daniel Craig (age 45)
From: UK
Known For: Casino Royale(2006), Quantum of Solace(2008), Skyfall(2012)
Also Fantastic in: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo(2011), Dream House(2011)

#7: Hugh Jackman (age 45)
From: Australia
Known For: X-Men(2000), The Prestige(2006), Les Miserables(2012)
Also Fantastic in: Real Steel(2011), Swordfish(2001)

#8: Andrew Lincoln (age 40)
From: UK
Known For: The Walking Dead(2010-)
Also Fantastic in: Love Actually(2003)

#9: Idris Elba (age 41)
From: UK
Known For: Prometheus(2012), Thor(2011)
Also Fantastic in: Pacific Rim(2013), Luther(2010-2013 TV series)

#10: Christopher Eccleston (age 49)
From: UK
Known For: Doctor Who(2005)
Can't Wait For: Thor: The Dark World

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mad About Mads: Part III

For you, Heather :)

Valhalla Rising (2009)!!! Our Mads movie journey had finally come to this. I didn't quite know what to expect, and I was not disappointed. Mads, my friend, the only problem I had with this movie was that you didn't say one word the whole time. I wanted to hear your beautiful accent. The lack of words was made up for in wonderful cinematography, and Mads' ability to completely captivate an audience with a single look.

Mads as One-Eye with Are

Set in 1000 A.D. Mads plays a mute warrior (One-Eye) with seemingly supernatural strength. One-Eye has these "dreams" that show him what he is supposed to do. He can't lose a battle, and he is traded from owner to owner and forced to fight for his captors entertainment. He finally has had enough, and he slays his captor (violently, cue cheers from me for a bloody movie) and escapes with a small boy named Are.

Mads Mikelsen as One-Eye in Valhalla Rising (having one of his "dreams")
They then depart on a journey of self discovery. (I know that sounds cheesy) One-Eye starts the journey with no emotion, and seems to sort of find himself by the end, Realizing, *SPOILER ALERT!*, that he has to sacrifice himself to save the small boy that he has become attached to.
I highly recommend you check this movie out. 93 minutes of awesome. On Netflix.
Notice that I kinda left a huge empty spot in my review of this movie? It's because I want you to actually watch it. Concentrate on Mads and the beautiful cinematography, and just remember that it is a pretty weird movie.  

Next up?

Hannibal (2013 TV series)

The Hunt (2012)

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky (2009)

Prague (2006)

The Iceman (2012, Michael Shannon, another under-rated actor that deserves your respect)

Take Shelter (2011, Michael Shannon)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mad about Mads: Part II

I decided that I'm going to start each of these blog posts with a different awesome picture, for Heather. :)
Adam's Apples (2005) was our next Mads movie. Pitch Black comedy at it's finest! Mads Mikkelsen plays a priest at a sort of halfway house. His character is unable to see negative anything. He is always happy, cheerful, and wants to see the best in anyone. When a neo-Nazi (Adam) is sent to the halfway house, you can see the obvious challenge he is going to face.

Mads in Adam's Apples

Mads' character tells (Adam) that he has to set a goal for himself. Adam jokingly says that he wants to "bake an apple pie", and being the cheerful, optimistic man he is, takes him completely seriously. Adam is put in charge of the apple tree at the church, and everything starts to go wrong!

Crows, worms, and finally lightning, attack the apple tree. A cat is also shot, so funny... anyways...
The movie was so good! Quite heartwarming and cheesy, and even a little predictable... but still so good to see a movie where Mads doesn't freaking die (spoiler alert!) I won't go in to too much detail in case you want to watch it, which I recommend! It's on Netflix!
Flame and Citron (2008) was up next. I can't even begin to properly describe this movie, so I stole this from
During Nazi occupation, red-headed Bent Faurschou-Hviid ("Flame") and Jørgen Haagen Schmith ("Citron" played by Mads Mikkelsen), assassins in the Danish resistance, take orders from Winther, who's in direct contact with Allied leaders. One shoots, the other drives. Until 1944, they kill only Danes; then Winther gives orders to kill Germans. When a target tells Bent that Winther's using them to settle private scores, doubt sets in, complicated by Bent's relationship with the mysterious Kitty Selmer, who may be a double agent. Also, someone in their circle is a traitor. Can Bent and Jørgen kill an über-target, evade capture, and survive the war? And is this heroism, naiveté, or mere hatred?

"Flame" and "Citron"

Based on a true story, which I again recommend you look in to, this movie was quite amazing. Mads was, as always, incredibly captivating in his role as Jorgen Haagen Schmith (Citron). Please, just watch it. On Netflix. I wouldn't recommend a movie if I hadn't thoroughly enjoyed it. Why can't we have made for TV movies like this in America?! I don't even (again) want to go too much into detail because I want you all to actually watch it. You won't be disappointed.
Next up?
Valhalla Rising (2009)
Hannibal (TV series 2013)


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mad About Mads

He's not just "the bad guy in Casino Royale"...
 Mads Mikkelsen has slowly begun to attract more of my attention. I mean, just look at him ;) . He recently starred as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in NBC's 'Hannibal'. And when I say starred... he stole the show ( Hugh Dancy is also incredible as 'Will Graham'). What a brilliant portrayal of such an evil man.WATCH THIS SHOW!!! Can't wait for season 2!

Okay, I admit I didn't know much about him past Casino Royale. I knew he was Danish, that he has a brother named Lars... that he was HANDSOME!... and that's about it. Here's where my friend Heather comes in. We began talking about Mads and how wonderful he is. We then decided to watch Mads movies.

 I bought King Arthur (2004), where he plays a character named Tristan. He dies (seems to do that in a lot of movies) thanks for not telling me that he died horribly!... still an excellent movie. Good action, fantastic story, Hugh Dancy, etc.  

Mads as Tristan in King Arthur
Next Mads movie? "En Kort en Lång/ Shake It (2001)" in which he plays a gay man that falls in love with his future sister in law, and she gets pregnant with his child. A super heartwarming movie about love, as he struggles with the decision to be with his fiancé or a woman. Has it's fair share of comedy as well. I loved it.
Mads as Jacob in Shake It
"After the Wedding (2006)" was our next movie. Another very underrated movie in my opinion. Mads Mikkelsen is again, quite brilliant in his portrayal of a manager of an orphanage. He is sent to Denmark to try and acquire money for the orphanage from a donor, only to discover a "life altering family secret." That's as far as I'll go when explaining this movie. Just watch it. Well worth your time. I promise. The ending is heartbreaking. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.
Mads as Jacob Pederson in After The Wedding
We now come to the most recent in our "Mads movie marathon".
"A Royal Affair (2012)" my favorite so far!
Based on the true story of King Christian VII of Denmark, Mads plays the character of Johann Friedrich Struensee, physician to the king and his wife, Caroline Mathilde. Caroline, married to a king that was considered insane (look him up, he was actually crazy), falls in love with Johann, and together they start a revolution that changes their lives and the future of a nation forever. I actually haven't finished this one yet. Too sad. Lots of happy (and let's be honest, SEXY) moments... but too much sad.

Mads as Johann in A Royal Affair

Up next?

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009)

Adam's Apples (2005)