Saturday, December 14, 2013

Top TV Shows of 2013

I was inspired by the recent article in Entertainment Weekly, in which they attempted to list the best 10 shows of 2013, to make my own list. They had some good shows on their list, but left a lot of good ones out! Hope you enjoy! And if you think I left anything out, feel free to comment! I am welcome to suggestions.

Nightmares anyone?

1. Hannibal, NBC (this wasn't even on EW's list! shame on them!)
What a fantastically clever show! Blood, cannibal jokes, terrifying ideas. Mads Mikkelsen stars as Dr. Lecter.

Hannibal the dapper cannibal.
And when I say he stars, he steals the show. The story starts off long before Dr. Lecter was caught, so we actually get to see him as a practicing cannibal, and he does not like rude people. ;) Hugh Dancy and many other talented actors round out the shows cast. Check it out if you haven't already, you won't be disappointed.

Zombies are scary again...

2. The Walking Dead, AMC (now in it's 4th season)
Surprise! This first half of this season was beyond fantastic. Character development, you're doing it right AMC! Daryl's hair got longer, Carol called him "pookie", we may have seen a softer side of him, and then he shut down emotionally, again. Do you blame him?

That face.

Who was feeding the zombies through the fence and causing them to pile up? Did Carol REALLY kill those people and burn their bodies? They brought The Governor back,

Calm down dude...

made you almost like him, then destroyed that thought 2 episodes later. The Governor is a villain I have loved to hate since season 3 when we first met him. David Morrissey, you will be missed. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL HERSHEL!!!? With the prison no longer an option, what will happen? The group is separated. We have to wait until February for the next half of the season, and I have high hopes it will be just as good as the first!

Serial killers aren't supposed to be attractive BBC...
3. The Fall, BBC 2
Leave it to the BBC to create a series that's only 5 episodes long and pulls you in like a full length series. My friends and I watched the whole season in one night. Relative newcomer Jamie Dornan plays a serial killer. He is obsessed with powerful women. Really, just watch the show, it's on Netflix. :) I would go in to more detail but it might ruin the suspense.

Again, a damn fine looking vampire.

4. Dracula, NBC
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula? Yes. please. I am in love with the atmosphere of this show. Quite a different take on the legend of Dracula. I've seen 4 episodes, and I really need to catch up. The show is full of clever dialogue and the tension between Dracula and his "mistress" is unbelievable.

"Be assured, Madame, that I have no intentions of harming you. I just want what is rightfully mine-- and not you, nor Mr. Bellinger, or anyone else, is going deny me that right. Do I make myself clear, my sweet?"

To be continued...

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