Sunday, October 6, 2013

10 Hottest Actors In Their 40s

#1. Mads Mikkelsen (age 47)
From: Denmark
Known For: Playing the villain 'Le' Chiffre' in Casino Royale(2006)
Also Fantastic in: Hannibal(TV series 2013), King Arthur(2006) After The Wedding(2006)

#2. Jeremy Renner (age 42)
From: Modesto, California, USA
Known For: The Hurt Locker(2008), The Avengers(2012)
Also Fantastic in: Dahmer(2002- first movie I ever saw him in, I now own 18 of his films), The Town(2010), The Unusuals(2009 TV series)

#3. Norman Reedus (age 44)
From: USA
Known For: The Boondock Saints(1999), The Walking Dead(2010-)
Also Fantastic in: Dark Harbor(1998), Pandorum(2009)

#4: Robert Downey Jr. (age 48)
From: USA
Known For: Iron Man(2008), Sherlock Holmes(2009), The Avengers(2012)
Also Fantastic in: The Soloist(2009), Zodiac(2007)

#5: David Tennant (age 42)
From: Scotland
Known For: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire(2005), Doctor Who(2005-2013)
Also Fantastic in: Fright Night(2011), Broadchurch(2013 TV series)

#6: Daniel Craig (age 45)
From: UK
Known For: Casino Royale(2006), Quantum of Solace(2008), Skyfall(2012)
Also Fantastic in: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo(2011), Dream House(2011)

#7: Hugh Jackman (age 45)
From: Australia
Known For: X-Men(2000), The Prestige(2006), Les Miserables(2012)
Also Fantastic in: Real Steel(2011), Swordfish(2001)

#8: Andrew Lincoln (age 40)
From: UK
Known For: The Walking Dead(2010-)
Also Fantastic in: Love Actually(2003)

#9: Idris Elba (age 41)
From: UK
Known For: Prometheus(2012), Thor(2011)
Also Fantastic in: Pacific Rim(2013), Luther(2010-2013 TV series)

#10: Christopher Eccleston (age 49)
From: UK
Known For: Doctor Who(2005)
Can't Wait For: Thor: The Dark World

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