Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mad About Mads

He's not just "the bad guy in Casino Royale"...
 Mads Mikkelsen has slowly begun to attract more of my attention. I mean, just look at him ;) . He recently starred as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in NBC's 'Hannibal'. And when I say starred... he stole the show ( Hugh Dancy is also incredible as 'Will Graham'). What a brilliant portrayal of such an evil man.WATCH THIS SHOW!!! Can't wait for season 2!

Okay, I admit I didn't know much about him past Casino Royale. I knew he was Danish, that he has a brother named Lars... that he was HANDSOME!... and that's about it. Here's where my friend Heather comes in. We began talking about Mads and how wonderful he is. We then decided to watch Mads movies.

 I bought King Arthur (2004), where he plays a character named Tristan. He dies (seems to do that in a lot of movies) thanks for not telling me that he died horribly!... still an excellent movie. Good action, fantastic story, Hugh Dancy, etc.  

Mads as Tristan in King Arthur
Next Mads movie? "En Kort en Lång/ Shake It (2001)" in which he plays a gay man that falls in love with his future sister in law, and she gets pregnant with his child. A super heartwarming movie about love, as he struggles with the decision to be with his fiancé or a woman. Has it's fair share of comedy as well. I loved it.
Mads as Jacob in Shake It
"After the Wedding (2006)" was our next movie. Another very underrated movie in my opinion. Mads Mikkelsen is again, quite brilliant in his portrayal of a manager of an orphanage. He is sent to Denmark to try and acquire money for the orphanage from a donor, only to discover a "life altering family secret." That's as far as I'll go when explaining this movie. Just watch it. Well worth your time. I promise. The ending is heartbreaking. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.
Mads as Jacob Pederson in After The Wedding
We now come to the most recent in our "Mads movie marathon".
"A Royal Affair (2012)" my favorite so far!
Based on the true story of King Christian VII of Denmark, Mads plays the character of Johann Friedrich Struensee, physician to the king and his wife, Caroline Mathilde. Caroline, married to a king that was considered insane (look him up, he was actually crazy), falls in love with Johann, and together they start a revolution that changes their lives and the future of a nation forever. I actually haven't finished this one yet. Too sad. Lots of happy (and let's be honest, SEXY) moments... but too much sad.

Mads as Johann in A Royal Affair

Up next?

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009)

Adam's Apples (2005)



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