Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Wolverine, Review Part I

"Your grandfather called me a Ronin, a samurai without a master..." - Wolverine

Oh Hugh Jackman... you will NEVER stop being The Wolverine. NEVER. Don't even try to tell me anything different. This movie was everything I expected and more. After the debacle of X-Men 3... Also, don't read this if you haven't seen the movie. Please. I hate when people ruin movies for me and I don't want to be that person for any of you.

I liked X-Men 3... the story anyways. The director however, can go throw himself off a cliff for almost ruining a Marvel Comics movie for me and millions of fans. The story was essential to continuing the saga of the X-Men and I suffered through it.
Ok, back to Wolverine. After his fantastic cameo in X-Men First Class (tee-hee) I was left... thirsting. For more Wolverine, more of his internal conflict after having to kill Jean Grey, more of his awesome adamantium claws, can I say awesome one more time?! Wolverine is one of my favorite Marvel Comics characters. Clayton, this picture is for you... 

We'll just try to forget about X-Men Origins: Wolverine... another case of essential story/INCREDIBLE after credit scene, but the editing and direction left a lot to be desired. Hugh Jackman ( and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool) were the only things that made me see that movie. I was however, glad they showed how he got his adamantium claws... and a sort of "origin" story.
The movie starts in Nagasaki, Japan, right as the atomic bomb is being dropped. I love all the historical connections they give for Wolverine to show how old he is/ might be. Anyways, he saves this prison guard from the blast. Jump to present day, where Logan is having a nightmare of sorts where he thinks that Jean is still alive and in bed with him. These scenes of him seeing her are scattered throughout the movie and actually made me feel bad for him. He hates what he had to do to her. He struggles with it everyday, struggles with the fact that he can't die. Wolverine will have to live with what he did for eternity.
The introduction of Yukio (played by the absolutely stunning Rila Fukushima) was amazing. Wolverine has never really been a "follow me we're going on an adventure" person.

But, when she shows up to tell him that the man he saved all those years ago wants to thank him and say goodbye. He kinda has to be that person.
By the way, she is a mutant, that can see the future. Logan doesn't know this yet.
He goes with Yukio to Japan to meet Yashida, the man he saved. He is dying, and wants to help Wolverine. Wants to help him end his eternity, In exchange for Wolverine helping him live. Logan actually struggles with this decision. He thinks they can't undo what was done to him. Boy is he wrong...
He has another nightmare. He is kissing Jean, but comes to just in time to see that it is not Jean, but a woman he doesn't recognize. The thing with his nightmares is that it appears he doesn't always know that what he is seeing isn't real... 
Logan took too long to make the decision about helping Yashida. He is dead. 
Yashida's funeral.
A spectacular fight scene with guns, samurais, ninjas, etc, ensues. All the action I expected from the movie. And blood, unexpected, but appreciated in a PG-13 rated movie. They could have gone R and it would have been a lot better. Wolverine gets shot, which would normally be no biggie right? But he isn't healing normally, and it terrifies him. Logan has NEVER been vulnerable, and you could see the terror in his face as he actually struggles against the enemy and the barrage of bullets.

It was so fantastic to see him vulnerable to damage. Vulnerable even, to the emotion of fear. He has never had to worry about his strategy in a fight, always being able to go in "claws blazing" because Logan knows he cant get hurt. He had sworn that he would never care about a human again, but when he sees Yashida's granddaughter being kidnapped, there is something that makes him get involved.

I usually cringe in movies when I see that we will have to watch our hero escort a helpless girl through the whole thing. But in The Wolverine, it worked. You begin to see that Logan actually cares about her, and after what happened with Jean, you just want him to finally be happy with a women that is normal. 
Stay tuned for Part II!!! I will be uploading the rest tomorrow, and finishing my review of Star Trek Into Darkness at a later date. Hope you are all enjoying this even a little. If not, I don't really care. I'm mainly doing this for me. I see so many movies that I need to write down my thoughts or they just swim around my head, and I explode into random quotes from movies (ask anyone I work with :) 



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